SWEATS FITNESS Group Training is a great way to get Personal Training at a more affordable cost, get extra motivation,and amazing


Looking for Boot Camp in Fort Worth? SWEATS FITNESS BOOT CAMP is an Indoor/Outdoor Boot Camp and Training Facility located in the center of North Fort Worth making it easy for all areas to access our facility.

-820 to Blue Mound Road go North about 1 mile

-287 to Blue Mound Road go South about 2 Miles

-35 to Western Center Blvd Go West to Bluemound Road and Turn left.

Sweats Fitness Boot Camp TESTIMONIALS


Boot Camp

Age: 61

I can remember 4 or 5 years ago coming out to a park to do a boot camp. I was nervous, scared, and extremely out of shape...I knew no one and had no idea what to expect which was completely out of my character and element...but that day was the best "chance" I ever took ...that day I gained a new family...my "workout" family...I can't thank you enough for making me actually love working out, for pushing and encouraging me to be a better and healthy person. I remember my first winter out at the park...freezing cold and it was just you and I & you would get up every morning to workout with just me and you would tell me " one day I will have my own place so we won't be cold anymore" and look at you now! I'm so proud of you and I thank god for you each day‼

SWEATS FITNESS offers a variety of workout options to meet your needs. Be it LeBarre, Hip Hop or Kettle Bells, check out the schedule to find what's right for you.

SWEATS FITNESS can guide you to create better habits so that you will stay on target with your diet and make healthier choices. We also offer Meal Prepping.



Group Training


Strength with exercise attitude Training & Survival

1000 Kennedy Lane, Suite 105, Saginaw, TX  76131

“S.W.E.A.T.S. is awesome!

I have never met anyone who loves to help and encourage people as much as Jennifer does. She pushes you but does it with love. Her love is genuine - from the heart. You can tell she honestly cares about helping you succeed.

  • Boot Camp & Personal Training
  • Pound, P90X Live, Flirty Girl
  • Piyo & YOGA
  • Barbell Strength & Powerlifting
  • Nutritional Coaching/ Meal Prep


Boot Camp

Age: 37


Boot Camp

Age: 31



Boot Camp

Age: 55

“Thank you Jennifer Nelson for getting me in the best shape for the Diva Dash. Your perfect combination of strength & cardio is just what I needed to crush the course. I ♥ S.W.E.A.T.S.


1000 Kennedy Lane, Suite 105

Saginaw, TX  76131



Boot Camp in Fort Worth

“S.W.E.A.T.S. has given me confidence and pride. On the first day of camp I could not even get off the ground and now I can do Burpees and run with confidence!”