PErsonal Training, Boot Camp & Powerlifting

Jennifer Nelson

ACE Certified Personal Trainer, USPA Certified Powerlifting Coach and Operation Fit to Fight Certified Boot Camp Instructor with a passion for Life, Family, Health and Happiness. Overcoming her own obstacles in order to get healthy and to stay healthy, with personal experiences such as recovering from an auto accident that took months of recovery, weight loss after having children, and reconditioning her own body to reach goals, Jennifer is on a mission to help everyone around her to lead a healthier life.  No matter what mission you are on, be it losing weight, training for a 5k, getting stronger or improving your overall health, Jennifer is the one that can help you reach your goals! She understands how hard it is to actually tell yourself that it's time to make a change, but she also knows how important it is to stop making excuses and to take control of your life.  She is here to help you step outside of your comfort zone. Rates for training vary depending on your location.


All Sessions and Classes are subject to change. 

BOOT CAMP - Small group personal training

Get your body into the best shape of your life in an atmosphere that you will find uplifting, inspiring and motivational.You wont believe how inspiring this Group Fitness Training can be until you get in here and feel the experience.

Family Boot Camp - Get in shape and inspire those that mean the most to you. Your children are watching, be an example and get fit together!

Dance Party  - Get in shape with simple to follow, easy to learn dance moves that allow you to really burn fat and calories! Not only is it a workout, but youfeel like its a night out on the town.

Triple Threat - Get your Strength, Cardio, and Abs all in one amazing Kettlebell wortkout.

OPEN GYM TIME - If you have something secific you want to work on, these timeslots are when you need to get into the facility to work on your own, ask your trainer questions, and get your weight and measurements. 

Keep an eye on our schedule we are always adding the best Group Fitness workouts for our members.

Strength with exercise attitude Training & Survival

1000 Kennedy Lane, Suite 105, Saginaw, TX  76131

Flirty Girl and Step Class

Carol Bowser

Flirty Girl Fitness Instructor for 2 years who has been inspired by her mother (spin instructor) for years. Quiting smoking and gaining weight urged her to join a gym where she fell in love with working out. Participating in Hop Hop and Sculpt Class with Jennifer she was encouraged to go for it and become an instructor. Carol has an amazing energy and has a way of lighting up a room. You will instantly feel energized in her dance classes.


Lyndsey Ewing

Certified Pound, Turbo Kick Instructor and aspiring Yoga Instructor.   Lyndsey is a vibrant personality with lots of spunk.  She lights up the room with her energy.  Overcoming her own physical battles she is sure to inspire you when you take her class.

About Sweats fitness and SWEATS FITNESS BOOT CAMP

We are a functional training and specialty training facility located at 100 Kennedy Lane, Suite 105, Saginaw, TX  76131. SWEATS FITNESS is committed to promoting fitness for all levels and abilities. All training sessions are tailored to allow individuals to work within their own physical limitations, which allows the sessions to be challenging, but enjoyable throughtout your workouts.  Why is functional training important? Functional training allows individuals to perform their activities of daily life more easily and without injuries.  If performed correctly, functional training can help improve better joint mobility and stability.

We have something to offer everyone from a Child Care Area, Group Personal Training, 1-on-1 Personal Training, Fitness Classes, Fitness Assessments, Accountability and much more. 

SWEATS FITNESS Boot Camp/GROUp Training Sessions

SWEATS FITNESS BOOT CAMP has been serving Saginaw and surrounding areas since 2010. Previously located at Highland Station Park. 

When people hear the words “Boot Camp” they tend to think military, camouflage, whistles and short tempered drill instructors. SWEATS FITNESS Boot Camp Sessions do not consist of these typical cliché elements.  Fitness Boot Camp/Group Training is geared to give you a cardiovascular workout that involves the use of weights and your own body weight to build endurance.  You will be guided to build a camaraderie with other clients which helps to keep you motivated and accountable. You will not find yelling in our camps, but you will find lots of cheering, encouragement, excitement and praise!  Some of our exercises are simple and some are more complex. Don’t be discouraged, just go at your own pace until your body adjusts to getting back into a fitness routine. Fitness Boot Camp/Group Training is for all ages and fitness levels. Everyone has or had to start somewhere, so sign up today! With out New Location all of our Boot Camps will be moved to the new facility. You will still have your boot camp style work outs only with all of the best options that SWEATS has to offer! Check out this video of one of our sessions at our previous location.


Located just south of Western Center Blvd off of Bluemound Road, Across the Street from Bluemound Police and Fire... 

Coming South on Bluemound Road from Western Ctr Blvd, Kennedy Lane is just before the Car Wash. Turn Right and our building is on the right hand side of the road!

SWEATS BOOT CAMP has been going strong in Saginaw, Texas since 2010 and we have called Highland Station Park Home since 2011.

WHAT TO BRING: A Mat - Water bottle - Supportive Shoes - Gloves  - Towel