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Corporate Training

SWEATS FITNESS will work with your business to help get your employees into better shape. Contact us today to see how we can help.

CErtified Personal training


Personal Training in Fort Worth 

Certified Personal Training through American Council On Exercise &

USPA Certified  Powerlifting Coach

Choose 1-on-1 training or small group training to help you build the confidence you need or to help you work on specific goals.

Strength with exercise attitude Training & Survival

1000 Kennedy Lane, Suite 105, Saginaw, TX  76131

Boot Camp For Kids 

SWEATS FITNESS has experience working with kids and making exercise fun. Start healthy habits young. Family Boot Camp for ages 6-12 will open back up this June.  However, come check out our Kid to Fit Program.

Boot Camp/Group Training Sessions


This Program includes a variety of functional strength exercises combined with cardio, plyometrics, weight Training and other drills that work the full body. This class is designed for all fitness levels to lose weight, tone, increase strength and endurance. 

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Sweats Fitness Boot Camp TiMES and CLASS TIMES

Beauty products

Feeling good about yourself does not stop with getting physically active and eating correctly. You must let your inner beauty shine out. These products are amazing and will help build your confidence.

Group Fitness Classes 

Dance party: Dance the calories away 

POUND: Full body cardio workout with lightly weighted 'Drumsticks." 

KID TO FIT: boost kids' self-esteem, coordination, and general fitness

SCULPT:  tone, tighten and strengthen 

Triple Threat: Build Strength, improve cardio endurance, and strengthen your core  with Kettlebells.

​Cardio Kick: cardiovascular endurance, flexibility Training while increasing your body’s metabolism.

Child Care

SWEATS FITNESS has a special area for kiddos to hang out while you get your workout complete. It's important for you to set the example by showing your children that your health is important.